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Welcome to New York Doula

New York Doula offers doula services, placenta encapsulation and Hypno Birthing classes in and around Brooklyn and the greater New York City area. Our job is to help you express the uniqueness of your birth in a non-judgmental way. We are excited about helping you on this journey and hope together we can use this experience to help you unlock your potential as a woman and mother. In short, congratulations on your decision to make your birth your own!

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Birth Myth #1: You Can’t Eat During Labor

I am writing this series of birth myths to try to dispel some of the untruths that the obstetric world has passed off as reality to unsuspecting mothers. The point of this series is to use evidence based research to answer questions about birth not to just simply rely on ‘its-always-been-done-that-way’ as a reason to […]

Eating This Will Help You Get Over The Baby Blues

Little did you know that your precious little one’s arrival would also come with the hormonal earthquake known as the baby blues and for many post partum depression. Eating your placenta, or more popularly eating placenta pills, is an easy, effective and natural way of minimizing the effects of your hormonal imbalance after birth.

For […]

What Client’s Say

From the moment I met Yomy, I knew she was going to be a tremendous doula and a great fit for me. I was having a scheduled c-section with my second child, and she was so supportive. I’ll never forget when she said, ‘A natural birth isn’t exclusive to non-medicated. A natural birth is a birth that is natural to YOU.’ I loved that idea. And I loved her. She was kind, encouraging, thorough, and deeply present. I highly recommend Yomy.
Nicci, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn
Yomy was totally our saving grace. She was gentle and warm but took control when we really needed her. I wanted to deliver naturally but in a hospital and I felt that she really understood what i wanted and advocated for me. At one point when my labor stopped, she helped with some techniques that helped it get going again. I honestly think i would’ve been a c-section if she hadn’t been there.
Rivka, Manhattan, NYC
I was a nervous wreck. Yehudit helped me be calm enough that I could be present at my son’s birth. I would’ve paid anything to have that help when i did. It was clutch.
Dima, Mill Basin, Brooklyn