Birth Myth #1: You Can’t Eat During Labor

I am writing this series of birth myths to try to dispel some of the untruths that the obstetric world has passed off as reality to unsuspecting mothers. The point of this series is to use evidence based research to answer questions about birth not to just simply rely on ‘its-always-been-done-that-way’ as a reason to […]

Eating This Will Help You Get Over The Baby Blues

Little did you know that your precious little one’s arrival would also come with the hormonal earthquake known as the baby blues and for many post partum depression. Eating your placenta, or more popularly eating placenta pills, is an easy, effective and natural way of minimizing the effects of your hormonal imbalance after birth.

For […]

20 Natural Morning Sickness Remedies


So, what can you do to get rid of morning sickness? New York Doula has compiled 20 easy and natural remedies to cure morning sickness and get on with your life.

When you heard you were pregnant you were elated at the thought of your baby growing peacefully in your body. What you didn’t realize […]

How To Deal With Birth Fears And Stop Failure to Progress

Personally, I’m addicted to self-help seminars and just about anything that involves talking about your feelings. I have found that releasing deep seated fears opens us up for boundless possibilities. In particular, I’ve been fascinated at how important fear release can be to promoting a successful birth. I have seen first-hand how a woman’s […]

Debunking 7 Common Myths of Homebirth

Most people think choosing a homebirth means sitting in a pool of your own fluids while waiting for a midwife to arrive with a bottle of vodka and a towel to bite on. As interesting as having a care provider that moonlights as a sorcerer would be, that’s just not what having a homebirth […]

Six Steps To A Natural Hospital Birth

Are you looking to have a natural birth in a hospital setting but put off by the high rates of cesarean section creeping up across the country? Don’t be scared. A vaginal, unmedicated and peaceful birth in a hospital is possible with these six easy steps:

What Is A Doula?

A doula, pronounced like Paula Abdul-a, is an experienced labor companion that offers emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual support to a laboring mother. Studies confirm that a doula’s presence decreases labor pain, labor length and generally results in a happier healthier baby and mother.

Doula Statistics On A Doula’s Effect On Labor

A doula is the only birth intervention that has absolutely no negative side effects. In fact, the only effect a doula or labor support can have on birth is a positive one.

Here is a collection of medical studies published over the last 30 years regarding doula care. The studies are listed in order from […]

How The Uterus Works During Birth [INFOGRAPHIC]

Contrary to popular belief, the uterus does not contract during a contraction, it expands! Understanding how the uterus works through each surge can help you work better with your own body. Since the uterus needs to be relaxed in order to expand and make room for the baby, you too need to relax to […]

How HypnoBirthing Is Taking The Birthing World By Calm

HypnoBirthing uses self-hypnosis, fear release, visualizations and baby-led breathing to gently bring the mother into a deep state of relaxation, similar to meditation. Once relaxed, the laboring mother will work in harmony with her body, releasing feel good hormones that lead to a quicker, calmer more meaningful experience.

Unlike other childbirth techniques, HypnoBirthing does not […]