Birth Myth #1: You Can’t Eat During Labor

I am writing this series of birth myths to try to dispel some of the untruths that the obstetric world has passed off as reality to unsuspecting mothers. The point of this series is to use evidence based research to answer questions about birth not to just simply rely on ‘its-always-been-done-that-way’ as a reason to […]

Doula Statistics On A Doula’s Effect On Labor

A doula is the only birth intervention that has absolutely no negative side effects. In fact, the only effect a doula or labor support can have on birth is a positive one.

Here is a collection of medical studies published over the last 30 years regarding doula care. The studies are listed in order from […]

Is Eating Your Placenta Kosher?

“Who in their right mind would think about eating their own placenta? And is it even kosher?” I said the first time I ever heard of placentophagy, the act of consuming placenta. Actually, you could barely hear the words coming out of my mouth as I was too busy trying to stop myself from gagging […]