We believe in a natural birth. We define natural, as whatever it takes to feel calm, involved and connected to your birth. For some women, the most peaceful and sacred birth they can think of is in the hands of a doctor in a hospital they know and respect. For others, a natural birth is a homebirth experience with little to no intervention. We believe that your role is to choose your birth experience and ours is to realize it. You have the right to play an active role in making your birth choices.

Our philosophy is that birth can be an introspective life altering experience that can be a key component in a woman’s actualization. That is, if you do the necessary preparation for it. We hope to provide doula services that go beyond the routine meet-and-greet and birth partner experience. We hope to get to know your personal fears and aspirations and allow you to transform your birth into one that dissolves fears and realizes your aspirations in or outside of the birth. The strength you take from your birthing experience will undoubtedly trickle into other aspects of your life.

 I am a DONA certified doula and a certified HypnoBirthing instructor. I  have experience with:

  • Hypnobirthing
  • Birthing from within
  • Rebozo
  • LGBT couples
  • Twins, multiples
  • VBACs
  • Cesarean sections (C-section)
  • Epidural births
  • Unmedicated births
  • Hospital Births
  • Homebirths
  • Birth Center Births