Placentophagy- Placenta Encapsulation

New York Doula offers natural, vegetarian and kosher placenta services to help bring the placenta back into the sacredness of the birth ritual. Placenta encapsulation is an easy way for mothers to consume their placenta. Mothers have traditionally found this homeopathic helpful in preventing post-partum depression or the baby blues, in increasing milk production, accelerating healing of the mother, in increasing the energy level, preventing iron deficiency and preventing sleep dysfunction in a new mother.

What is Placenta Encapsulation?

Placenta encapsulation is the process of cooking, drying and encapsulating the placenta to be taken as a homeopathic by new mothers. Many women experience post-partum depression but are limited in the treatments or medications they can take when nursing. Placenta encazpsulation offers a woman the option of using a natural substance created by her own body. Placenta encapsulation works because instead of experience the sharp hormonal change, the mother is able to ingest the hormone rich placenta (namely rich in CRH hormone which causes baby blues) and counteracts the possibility of depression.

What services do you provide?

All placentas are prepared in our clinic.

  • Traditional Chinese Method: In this method, the placenta is steamed before dehydration with lemon, ginger and jalapeno pepper in order to aid in digestion. Women who choose this method see a gradual increase of energy and return to health.
  • Raw Dehydration Method: In this method, the placenta is dehydrated raw. Women who choose this method report almost immediate effects including bursts of energy.
  • Placenta Tincture: We create a homeopathic tincture for you or your baby to use throughout your life time. It can also aid during menopause.
  • Umbilical Keepsakes: We dehydrate the umbilical cord into a heart shape as a keepsake for you.

What are your fees?

Traditional Chinese Method: $225 (includes umbilical keepsake and suggested use)

Raw Dehydration Method: $250 (includes umbilical keepsake and suggested use)

Combined: 1/2 TCM and 1/2 Raw $275 (includes umbilical keepsake and suggested use)

Additional Tincture: $30